What is fun? (conclusion)

This fun is fun.

But this fun is not satisfying.

Pleasure without pain.  This is not satisfying.

Victory without battle.  This is not satisfying.

Reward without risk.  This is not satisfying.

A hollow pleasure.  A hollow victory, and a hollow reward.  There is substance in them, yes.  But honor, no.

Need fun be honorable?  No.  But play should be the reward for work, in an honorable world.  Luxury should be the reward for languish, in a just world.

The world is neither just, nor honorable.  But one should live their life so as to be both.

Love, and lust.

There is fun in lust.  There is reward in lust.  But no honor.  Lust is fleeting.  Lust is easy.  Easy to gain, and easy to lose.  So long as the day of tribulation is far off, lust is the logical answer, the efficient answer.  And to some, it is enough.

When that day comes, they will see their house has no foundation.  They will see their emperor has no clothes.  There will be lamentation, weeping and gnashing of teeth.  They will question their life; they will question the world.  For a time.  And then they will return to their lust, to their ease, to their “fun”.  And to some, it is enough.

It should not be enough.

Love, means honor.  Love, means work.  Love, means time.  Love, means commitment.

Love is hard.

But love is worth it.

When the day of tribulation comes, love is not afraid.  Every day, love has worked hard.  Love has sacrificed the trifles and baubles to the left and to the right; it knows how to go without.  Love has stayed awake late, and risen early the next morning.  Love has questioned life before.  And love is not shaken by the day of tribulation, for every day has been a day of tribulation.  And more, love knows that is it not tribulation:  it is life.

Love knows that the race imbues the finish line with meaning.  Love knows that the bitter comes before the sweet, and makes the sweet even sweeter.  Love does not wish to be stricken down, but it knows that one day it will, and so it will get back up, wiser and better for it.

Fun says, but love asks.

Fun says “I like”, but love asks “Why do I like?”

Because love asks, love receives.  It may not receive all.  But it will receive enough.

All need fun in their lives.  But all need love as well.

Do not cheat love with fun.


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