Believer – Scene 5e

{Note:  I am working on a better name for the establishment in question than what is below; that’s just a placeholder that’s sort of okay but not quite what I’m looking for.}

Within a college town of any sizeable population—including those which are more “cities” than “towns” in the first place—the demographics of commercial establishments are considerably skewed, as well as the potential profit margins.  Coffee shops are viable enterprises.  Thrift stores flourish.  Bars and liquor vendors are plentiful.  Fast food is abundant.  Convenience stores may charge exceedingly excessive prices the closer they are to within viable walking distance of the campus.

And then there’s the Marine Sub, an independent little sandwich shop which to the casual observer is no different than a Subway, or perhaps a Jimmy JohnsMarine Sub has neither the brand recognition of the former, nor the nigh-instantaneous delivery service of the latter, yet year after year continuously manages to hold its own against both franchise powerhouses for what most patrons would agree is a single distinctive reason:  it does cool things.

College kids like cool things.


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