Believer Scrap 6a

Why do people get all bent out of shape about all these sorts of things?  Like, I was talking to my girlfriend online this morning.  And by the way, why is that a word that isn’t confusing as I think it should be?  ‘Cause, girlfriend, you know, I’m a girl, so linguistically that makes me a lesbian, right?  Except it doesn’t, because she’s a girl, who is a friend, and that’s “allowed” and people know what it means, but if I was a guy and said the same exact thing you’d think I was in denial about the relationship or something, right?  And if I wanted to be pigmentist I could say that if black girls say “girlfriend”, well, you just know what that means; it’s ebonics, or something like that.  And yet if a guy calls another guy his boyfriend that makes him gay for some reason, even though he’s doing the same thing I just did and I can get away with it but he can’t?  Maybe it’s because they’re supposed to use bro instead, because that makes sense here since they’re not actually brothers.  Or broseph; that’s a word today, right?

Speaking American is weird.

So anyways, my non-lesbian girlfriend.  She has been known to play the video games on the world-wide-web.  She pretends that she’s a guy pretending that she’s a girl on there, but that’s beside the point.  She’s all bent out of shape because in this new update patch download–or whatever it’s called that makes it less redundant–they revealed a whole bunch of lore and history that’s meant to be all shiny and impressive, but she’s complaining that it doesn’t make any sense and retcons a bunch of stuff and is unoriginal.  You know, stuff that most people complain about.  Personally I think she’s just saying what the rest of the internet is saying about it because then it’s harder to disagree with her, but I wouldn’t know; I don’t play the game.  Maybe the new content breaks down her leet deeps.  I really wish I knew if that meant anything.

{I have more I want to do with this, but it’s a good start.}


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