Land of Lore (b)

I see a land awash in chaos.  Lines of allegiance are drawn in the sand but mean nothing; a political gesture that holds no weight, though few consciously realize it.  You say you see goodness to the north?  Justice and prosperity?  I see states bloated with ego and dogma, believing in their creed so blindly that they no longer understand what their creed means.  I see states which seek to expunge their rivals completely and profess that it is for the greater good.  You say you see evil to the north?  Depravity and immorality?  I see states with unpopular beliefs that are oppressed and discriminated.  I see states that wish for freedom to live as they choose, without exterior meddling, and are denied.  I see states that, when pushed to the edge, push back rather than die, and surprise the world when it is seen how hard indeed they can push.  You say you see neutrality on the edges?  I see states which send their daughters and sons off to war to battle in foreign lands under a foreign flag; neutral in name only, for no fight breaks out upon their own soil.  What I see is hypocrisy.

{More of this little thing.  Still not even near being complete.}


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