Land of Lore (a)

I see here to the north a state that is good, and next to it a state that is allied with good.  To the south I see a state that is evil, and next to it a state that is allied with evil.  And in the middle I see an untamed wilderness full of monsters and danger.  On the edges I see neutral states, allied with no one.  And beyond that a vast ocean, and beyond that shadowy states whose alliances are uncertain.

The evil state makes war against the good state constantly, and the allies of both rally to their defenses.  The neutral states do not involve themselves, unless they are forcibly involved.  The wilderness is a danger to all, at all times.  None can see the shadowy states well enough to know what it is that they do or do not do.

I see here, to the northwest, a state which stands for honor and justice.  They are a golden beacon, and a protector of the downtrodden.  They know that times are troubled, and to survive the strong must protect the weak, putting themselves at risk to do so.  They do not instigate war, but they fight it well.

To the north, I see a state which stands for science, and progress.  They march towards a better future, crafting tools with which to ease the life of man and manlike creature alike.  But also they craft weapons of war, to aid the golden state in their struggle against oppression.  They enjoy their craft, and while they do not court their own battles, they do not detest them, and should the occasion call for it, will take up their own contrivances and point them at their assailants.

To the northeast, I see a state which is a grisly mirror of the state before; a state which practices base machinations and immoral experimentation.  They create only for the sake of creating, and care not for the consequences.  They would kill a man and use his corpse for spare parts if it would aid them.  They then give these abominations to those that do not fear them nor detest them, for such people are as disgusting as they.  War is in their blood, but they are no so ready to bleed it as others may be; to them it is a waste of precious resources.

To the east, I see a state which stands for conquest and destruction.  They slaughter and destroy all who oppose them; enslave those who kneel and beg to be spared.  Their plots are widespread and corrosive against their enemies, yet subtle, like a disease that slowly weakens a man.

All around I see untamed wilderness, filled with monstrosities and danger.  It is nature anthropomorphized, and makes no distinction between friend or foe; it punishes all foolish wanderers alike.  This is a mad field on which to battle, and wise men avoid it.

{This is part of a larger scene that I’m working on; will likely add actual characters and have this be spoken dialog.  It’s a bit disorganized right now.}


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