Believer – Scene 5b

“You…  I…  I’m, you, I’m just gonna, drivin’ the car, I’m just, yeah.  Gonna do that.”  He makes various overt hand gestures, complicated by the fact that he is “drivin’ the car”, and ends up making much less of an impact on the girls’ opinions of his “car” than he probably would have liked.

Marcie pats Luke lovingly on the thigh.  “That’s my boy.  You keep on doing that.”

“So, Marcie, did you have fun?” Cecile asks, staring out the window as the budding forest rushes past them.

“I would have had a lot more fun if someone didn’t let himself get stolen to the other side to make the teams ‘fair’, Luke.”

“Driving the car,” someone responds wisely.

“Well, at least we got to be on the same team,” Cecile offers positively in consolation.  “I mean, right?”

“Hells yeah, girl power!”  The pair exchange a celebratory high five, commemorating the never-ending pillars of estrogen, talking about feelings, and hot pink AK-47s.


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