Believer Scrap 5

If I tell people I listen to the voices in my head, well, then that’s it; I’ve lost all credibility to them.  It doesn’t matter what I explain afterwards, and that really makes me sad.  They’ve just stuck a “Weirdo” sticker right on my boob and called it good.  It’s why I don’t bring it up much.  I wonder if really religious people feel the same way?  I mean, I’m religious too, I guess?  But I don’t know, I just don’t get hung up on that very much.  The voice thing, though?  Yeah…

And, you know, you know?  The worst part is that I bet you ninety percent of…  okay, maybe, eighty…  More than half of the people in the world talk to themselves in their head.  You know, to just, reason a problem out?  Weigh the pros and cons?  It helps a human brain to just lays their thoughts out:  verbally, visually, physically, any of those.  See, you can’t just, it’s because the brain just doesn’t work that way, right?  It’s a big grey ball of braiy-wainy… stuff.

But because I just give the other side of my inner monolog a difference name and a difference face, and suddenly I’m the weird one?  I’m solving my life’s problems in a logical and efficient manner, and I’m the weird one?  How much money have you wasted on your stupid online game subscriptions because you never asked yourself if you were actually having fun playing them?  Two hundred dollars?  Three hundred?  I just bought a new smartphone with that money.  See, look at the little snake!  If I tilt the screen he slides this way and tries to crawl back up!  Isn’t that just adorable?

{When Owen is too lazy or does not have enough time to write a real thing, he writes a fake thing like this instead.  One day it may make it into Believer proper, but if he doesn’t start writing more of it, it never will.}


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