Believer – Scene 5a

Cecile clambers into the back of the tiny jeep, her feet dodging soda bottles and road atlases all along the way.  Marcie follows suit into the passenger seat, and after some professional girlfriend coercing, the likes of which only professional girlfriends truly know to get their man away from “the guys”, she manages to get Luke in as well.  The girls peel off their many layers of so-called battle armor, and as the jeep bumps down the pitted dirt driveway the interior is already accumulating an aroma of sweat and hay.

“Well…  That, was,” Cecile comments, breaking the thirty-second silence and rubbing her forehead, currently home to a very prominent red oval courtesy of her safety goggles.

“That was what?”  Luke asks, not really paying much attention.

“It, was.”

“So’d’chya have fun?”  Marcie asks her from the front seat.

Cecile nods emphatically.  “Yeah, you know, I really think so!  I don’t think my team did ‘cause I made them lose and things, but aside from that, yeah!”

“Uggh, tell me about it,” she agrees, rolling her eyes.  “I swear, every time, ‘Duh, Marcie, you’re gonna give away our position!’  Jeez, it’s like, why are they even out here in the first place?”

“Yeah.  Men.”

“I am in this car, you know,” Luke contributes, white-knuckling his way through the worst part of the transition from dirt to proper pavement.

Cecile stretches out an inquisitive finger.  “Are you in this car?”

“It’s more of a jeep, really,” Marcie adds.

{Purposely skipping Scene 4 (The airsoft games) because I don’t feel like writing it right now.  They’re driving Cecile back to town to get some dinner together.}


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