Believer Scrap 4

You don’t just meet new friends by amusing happenstance.  Except that you do.  The trick is that you can’t simply expect that exception.  Friends can come from all different sorts of places, but that doesn’t mean they’ll always come from every place you’re already going to anyways.  And just because you can find friends anywhere doesn’t mean you can stop looking for them.  You might have met your perfect best friend at the Laundromat you went to that one time.  Maybe you even asked them if they were going to use that dryer.  And they said no, so you used it, and while you’re turning your head back and forth putting your not-dry clothes into it you think you notice that they’ve got this t-shirt, and it’s a t-shirt for this show you loved as a kid twenty years ago.  Except you’re not sure if it was that show or not, and when you look a second time they’ve already folded it up and put it away.  And you didn’t ask them about it, because that would have been weird and overly invasive.

Maybe you should have.

You see, anybody can work up the courageous guts to ask the hard questions, because they’re hard; they demand a certain sort of respect, and you can respect that, and you know that it’s a question that needs to be asked, even if you don’t want to ask it.  But you can’t be afraid to ask the easy questions.  Most people don’t actually mind it when you ask them the easy questions, it’s just that you think they do.  And what that really means is that you’re the one who minds asking that person in front of you in line at the grocery store is bok choi actually good?  You keep hearing about it randomly, and it sticks in your head because of the silly name, but you’ve never thought about it seriously, and you just noticed that you’ve got some in that cart there.  Maybe if it’s a cute girl you can help carry her groceries to her car.  Maybe she’ll give you her number.  Then she tells you that’s what shopping carts are for.  Damn, son, you just got rejected.

But at least you tried.  And next time you can try again.  Or maybe next time they ask you about bok choi, and now you’ll know what to say.  You never know where your next friend might be hiding.  And you’ll keep never knowing unless you start looking.  But that doesn’t mean just physically looking.  You have to want to make new friends; be trying to make new friends.

{Another Cecile thing.  I’d do other characters, but I haven’t really established any yet.}


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