The Void

They told us we would be safe.

They told us everything was under control.

They told us to go back to our homes.

We didn’t believe them.

Maybe we should have.

Maybe then they would have been prepared.

Maybe then they could have stopped it.

But they didn’t.

Now they are gone.

Now we are gone.

Those who remain are nobody.

We are the last of the living.

We are the dead.

Yet because we are, we are somebody.

Because we are not those who were.

Those who were are with us no longer.

We had been forced to learn what it means to be somebody.

Now there is no one above us.

There is no one better.

We are the best.

And we are not good.

They say the world can heal.

They say that the world would be better off without us.

Maybe it can.

Maybe it will.

But it hasn’t yet.

And it isn’t yet.

And so stands us.

In the sands of time.

Drained through the hourglass.

Never to move again.

With great power comes great responsibility.

But with great responsibility comes no great power.

We are the caretakers of everything.

And yet we have nothing with which to caretake.

And the only thing to take care of now is nothing.

We have nothing to look after of nothing.

And in this there is harmony.

The harmony of silence.

Because if there are no notes then there is no discord.

We were not left to save the world.

For there is now no world left to save.

We were not left to create the world.

For here is nothing with which to create it.

We were not left to destroy the world.

For there is nothing left to destroy.

What is left is so insignificant that any change would be an improvement.

To create order or chaos or anything other than nothing.

And we have not even the strength to do that.

We do not know why we are here.

We do not know why we were left.

We do not know who left us.

We do not know if they ever existed to leave us.

We do not know what we can do.

We do not know what we are supposed to do.

We know only that we are here.

We know only that nothing we do matters.

Welcome to the internet.

{This is exactly the sort of pointless, insipid open-ended emoetry that I should not be writing.  This is why I added the last line.  Now it’s social satire and not some dumb crap you read.}


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