Mr. Heartless Land-Developing Millionaire

Now presenting, Fake Men of Genius.

(Fake Men of Genius!)

Today we salute you, Mr. Heartless Land-Developing Millionaire.

(Mr. Heartless Land-Developing Millionaire!)

Whether it’s a low-class urban neighborhood, or fifty acres of unsettled wilderness, you’re ready to pave the way to a profitable tomorrow, while paving over anything currently living there.

(Eeeeverything must go!)

Greenpeace?  PETA?  St. Jude’s Orphanage?  Those plebes just don’t understand that all three of them could really use a new shopping mall.

(It’s got four toy stores!)

And even as the local residents picket outside your mansion begging for mercy, you couldn’t care less; you earn more in an hour than they do in a year, and you’re having lunch with the governor tomorrow.

(Get off my lawn!)

So crack open a nice cold one, Mr. Builder of a Better Future.  Because nothing says compassion quite like “eminent domain”.

(Mr. Heartless Land-Developing Millionaire!)

{Feel free to sing along!}


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