Mr. Twenty-Something Male Protagonist

Now presenting, Fake Men of Genius.

(Fake Men of Genius!)

Today we salute you, Mr. Twenty-Something Male Protagonist.

(Mr. Twenty-Something Male Protagonist!)

Only you could spend every waking minute of your day wishing you were just another normal guy, without realizing you already are one.

(Whyyyyy’s everything so complicated?)

No matter what life-altering wrenches are thrown your way, you can sure bet that pottery class you took will save your bacon, at the exact opportune moment.

(I always knew you could do it!)

The girl of your dreams is yours for the taking, right after you get rejected, find a coincidental common interest, get dumped again, and save her life from mortal peril.

(You’re the only one for me!)

So crack open a nice cold one, oh savior of suburbia.  Because even though you didn’t ask for any of this, we’re sure glad you did it anyways.

(Mr. Twenty-Something Male Protagonist!)


{Inspired by FOOTBAAALL!, beer, and my constant infatuation with story-writing theory.}


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