Mr. Secret Organization Suit Wearer

Now presenting, Fake Men of Genius.

(Fake Men of Genius!)

Today we salute you, Mr. Secret Organization Suit Wearer.

(Mr. Secret Organization Suit Wearer!)

No one knows your real name.  No one knows who you work for.  And no one can rock a three-piece and double Windsor quite like you.

(Caaaaaall me Mr. Smith!)

Monday, you’re in a puppet government in South America.  Wednesday, you’re going toe to toe with the CIA.  Friday, you’re picking up a gallon of milk for the wife.

(Don’t forget the light bulbs!)

Your morals are conflicted.  Your alliances are dubious.  But everyone knows you never send a man, to do a suit’s job.

(Neeeever send a man!)

So crack open a nice cold one, oh Nautilus of the necktie.  Because even when you inevitably kick the bucket, you’ll look great doing it.

(Mr. Secret Organization Suit Wearer!)


{And another.  Google “Real Men Of Genius” if you don’t get it.  It’s a national treasure.}


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