She saw it as less of an image and more of a feeling:  a stocky beast on four limbs with leathery copper skin and matted fur so thick and coarse it looked like quills.  A thick ridged tail that certainly looked heavy enough to do more than swat away flies.  A head and face that looked as draconic as it did lupine, but the more she tried to remember it the more its features melted into uncertainty.  A proud creature, sure of its own ability; it struts when there is no danger, and stalks when there is.  Running with the pack or running alone, running in the city or running in the country, it makes no difference to this creature; it knows itself, and that is all that matters to it.


{Had this vision of a strange and kind of cool creature in my head and wrote it down quick.  Didn’t write as much as I should have because I lost the muse for it.  At least now it’s here so my memory might get jogged later.}


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