Yonder Highest Tower

The princess sits in the highest tower.

Alone, waiting, and hoping beyond all hope.

Below, the dragon, her captor, her jailer.

Never to allow escape, but by its death.

Such is the tale, and oft retold.

The knight cometh, he slays, and rescues.

To prove that true love conquers all.

But who is the master, and who the slave?

Both beauty and beast are locked in the castle.

While one remains, the other cannot leave.

Both are bound to each other, to the hero’s tale.

And inevitably, the dragon dies, or limps to nurse its wounds.

There is no victory, not in a score of legends.

It is doomed, doomed to fail, and yet, here it is.

Always flying, always capturing yon fair maiden.

Why doth it fly?  Do we ask this?

And why does it covet the pretty lady so?

Never do we see it feast upon her, nor give her torture.

They converse not, nor does it lavish her with gifts.

One would think she has no use.

But still the dragon does not let her go.

A story told from the dragon’s eyes would be a sight.

To learn its birth, its heart, its flight.

To know what value in women it does place.

And whether the castle be its love, or its hate.

Does it have a soul, and what does it believe?

Or is its life something man cannot conceive?

Perhaps nothing at all there is to fear,

When once we learn why dragons doth be here.

{A little bit of free verse today.  I’ve always thought of doing the classic kidnapped princess story from the perspective of the princess, but these days even that has started to become passe.  So maybe instead, it should be told from the perspective of the dragon…}


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