Believer – Scene 3m (Partial)

“Honestly?  Not really,” Toby smirks, watching the inevitable train wreck of a game and its final desperate moments.  He adds, “It’s still a dick move, though.”

“Only to the people who figure it out,” she retorts, smirking slyly.  “And most of them think it’s pretty funny, so it’s okay!”

“Honestly?  Not really.  But whatever.  You ever played a first-person shooter before?”

The gears in Cecile’s brain do not exist; it’s more of a mushy pile of grey stuff, really, but it still manages thought on occasion, and currently is “managing” the question of whether or not she has played a first-person shooter.  Like her previous debate with herself, the question to her is not so much if she has, so much as it is has she played one lately that would be in any way relevant?

“Honestly?  Not really,” she mimics, mirroring his tone as best she can.

“Want to?”

“Is the rest of the night going to be really awkward if I say no?”

“It might be really boring if you say no.”

“I’d better, then; boredom is the enemy.  Or, an enemy.  I don’t think it deserves a definite article quite yet.”

The man called Toby Jones nods, fishing in Jonas’ backpack for an extra controller and handing it to the woman called Cecile Smith.  “All right, Lesson Zero.  Hold it like this, with your fingers on the side here.  There you go; Lesson Zero is now complete.  Lesson One—“


{This should end Scene 3, which means now I get to sew it all together and polish it up.  That’ll be for another day, though.}


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