Believer – Scene 3l

Toby Jones smiles briefly before doing back to his dopey college-boy look, having exerted the “appropriate” amount of cordiality to a girl he’s never before met and not all that interested in.  Catching an inconsistency in her address, he asks her, “Hey, didn’t you say your name was, uhh, Selene?”

She nods innocently.  “Mhm, that’s right, I did.”

“So, ummm…?”  He trails off, expecting her to fill in the blank, which incidentally is exactly what she’s waiting for as well.  The awkward silence continues as the pair stares at each other, glance away, and stare again occasionally, punctuated with a constant steam of bullets, groaning, and yelling of strategy from across the room.

Toby is the first one to crack.  “So which one’s your real name?”

“Mmm?  Oh, Cecile,” Cecile answers, casually trying to puzzle out how long before, of even if, Marcus and Jonas should be getting buried in a pile of their own spent bullet casings.  “You’d be surprised how many people forget your name two minutes after you tell it to them.”

“Honestly?  Not really.”

{For some reason this did not upload correctly last night, even though I clicked publish.  Strange.}


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