Misc. Scrap 6

When a fictional movie has a character say, “This kind of stuff only happens in the movies,” what does that even mean?  Does it make their plight more believable, or less?  Am I supposed to feel sorry for all the supernatural horror characters that can’t believe this is happening, that this can’t possibly be happening?  I’m very glad that you’re aware of how messed up your situation is, fictional character, but that doesn’t mean your writers aren’t making you say that as a crutch in lieu of actually trying to convince me of how messed up your situation is.  Or maybe you’re actually just really scared, and you don’t know what to say, so you’d say that even if it sounds stupid.

I always feel sorry for them.  Even if the movie is bad and I already know who’s going to die at the end.  It’s not their fault they have bad writers.  They’re just trapped in the wrong universe, like a planet around a dying sun that hasn’t developed widespread space-travel yet.


(Just another little something I wrote.  Probably something from Cecile’s mouth, or brain.}


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