Dargon (b)

“Don’t you ever make fun of them.  See, dragons, they’re as smart as a man, prolly smarter.  And they got heart, they got SOUL.  Problem is, they don’t talk; they can’t, any more than your puppy dog at home can talk.  And that’s usually enough for a king or a village to just call ’em a monster, chop off their head, and run ’em outta town.

“I’m sure they got SOME kinda language, but hot day in the cold Hell before we figure out what it is.  Some’a the nicer ones, though, they found out WE got a language, and that we use writin’, too.  And some’a the ones that actually care learned a bit of it.

“Now, they don’ like us.  They don’ HATE us, but they don’ like us.  An’ they don’ exactly like communicatin’ with us neither.  They REAL uppity folk, think they’re better than us, and y’know what, I can’t say they be wrong.  So when one of ’em write to you outta the blue, it mean it’s lowering itself to your level, an’ it HATE doin’ that, an’ it don’t do that any more than it have to.  An’ if you don’ do what that writin’ be saying, what that means to IT, is that you know exactly what she wants you to do, and you’re not gonna do it, because you think you’re better than she is.

“And son, you don’t EVER do that to their face, ’cause if you do that means someone’s gonna have to choke a bitch, and that bitch don’t exactly like being choked.”

{Tried to finish this whole scene, but got busy today, so instead I just have this short monologue.}


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