Believer – Scene 3j

She shrugs, inching her chair to the side to game a better look at the game.  “They” are currently engaged in a cooperative battle royale against what is probably the zombie horde, but these days it’s hard to tell.  Letting her mouth get the better of herself again, she comments offhand to Jones, “They just don’t make the zombie apocalypse like they used to.”

“What do you mean?” he inquires, stepping off to the side to get a better look himself.

“Oh, I don’t know.  I suppose before it was like a metaphor for the inevitability of death, but now they’re just monsters.  Like, zombies have gotten too complex, which makes them too simple, which was the whole, point, I guess?  Also I don’t like that they can run now.”

Jones huffs with a thick air of practiced superiority.  “That’s ‘The Infected’.  They’re different.  And yes, they suck.  Zombies will always be zombies, and damned if kids today think they’re going to try and change that.”

Cecile stares at his army hat with her wide, globular eyes.  “…How old are you?”

He raises an eyebrow.  “Twenty-two.  Why?”

“Are you allowed to say that?”

“It’s the principle of the matter.”

“I thought only old people could make principle.”

“I am old.”

“Well, I’m twenty-four.  Can I call you a damn kid?”

It would be easier to thread a rope through the head of a needle than through the slits the twenty-two year old’s eyes make in response to that comment.  “Fine, then, you win today, old person.  I shall show you no mercy tomorrow upon the battlefield.”

Cecile claps her hands joyously together and smiles; one day in the future she will discover if she does such a thing to be ironic, or because she actually expresses emotion in this way.  “Oh, good!  That’s the best way to learn!”

{Finally back to Believer again.  Honestly I’m probably rushing these segments more than I’d like to; not enough visual and emotional description of the scene.  When I stitch it all together I’ll fix stuff like that, probably.}


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