Believer Scrap 1

“Why do you keep watching these crap movies, Cecile?”

Cecile glances over as Cecil in between the scenes of some science fiction abomination from an age when color film was new and exciting.  If only the scientists could have convinced the military, they would realize that bullets would have no effect on the creature.  “Because they’re interesting,” she replies, motioning to the screen.

“You can predict every line they say!” he shouts at her, indignant at the fact that he’s trapped in the same room as her for as long as she keeps thinking that he is.

“I didn’t say the plot was interesting,” she corrects gently, sipping her wine cooler.  “The whole thing is interesting.”

“Explain your heresy.”

Her face suddenly becomes downcast.  “I cannot.  You have already condemned me as a heretic; all I say will do naught but doom me further in your eyes.  This very response itself will likely goad you to punish me more severely.”

“You…  Screw it, I don’t care anymore.”

“Yes you do.”

“Explain it to yourself, then; I don’t want to hear it.”  Cecil goes back to pouting on his beanbag, making a mental note to let him choose the movie next time.

“Okay.”  She nestles back into her blanket cocoon, in her mind shedding a single tear for the brave rookie police officer who knew it was hopeless but threw himself into the monster’s path just to buy them a few more seconds.  She shakes her hair and lets it fall into her face, seeing if her blurred and patchy vision of the screen makes that rubber monster suit look any better.  It does not.

“Because it gives insight into the beginnings of filmmaking,” she answers belatedly.  “This passed for enjoyable and profitable entertainment back in the day.  And anyways, is Hollywood really any better today?  Show me the latest teen fantasy movie and I bet I can predict every line from that, too.”

Grabbing the nearest soft object—a plush beach ball—Cecil buries it into his face.  “Uh fought uh head uy pinnunt sare.”

“Yes you do.”


{Random Cecile & Cecil scene that may or may not make it into Believer (tentative title) one day.  They make a lovely couple, don’t they?}


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