Believer – Scene 3f

“And you’re not a very serious woman,” he responds.  “I take things seriously that I’m serious about.  The rest, you know, whatever, but if I’m gonna care I’m gonna care right.  So, are you seriously asking me about airsoft, or are you just, like, hanging out?”

He raises the brim of his hat as he answers her, no longer trying to hide his face beneath it.  His words really take Cecile back a few steps, if she’s being honest with herself about it.  She knows she’s really just messing around with all three of these men, and if they weren’t men she’d mess around with them all the same.  It’s how she breaks the ice with new people:  act unusual, ask unusual questions, catch people off their guard and force them to think outside of the box.  It’s a very polarizing approach, but in her opinion people that are turned off by it wouldn’t be very interesting to be around anyways.  This Jones, though…  He’s clearly having none of it.

She straightens her face up and, for the moment, stops acting like she’s half her age.  “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I just…  Yes, I’d like to know about airsoft-ing.  I’ll, you know what, I’ll even go with you guys tomorrow, sure.  So what’s the best gun?

“Grenade launcher!” Marcus shouts from halfway across the room.”

“If by ‘no’ you mean ‘hell no’, poser,” Jones fires back adamantly.  “There’s not really…  What’s you name again?  Sorry, uhh, See…  See…”


He nods, being the second person in as many days to fall prey to Cecile’s little joke.  “Right right, Selene.  There’s not really a ‘best’ gun.  It depends on what you’re doing.  Like, spring-powered?  Good for snipers, bad for action heroes.  Your action-hero types’ll use an electric gun and a 1000-round box magazine because you can just keep shooting all day, never mind you won’t hit anything doing that.  A box magazine is bad, by the way; see, ‘cause it’s heavy and rattles, gives your position away.”

“That sounds bad,” comments Cecile, already getting lost in the commando jargon.


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