Believer – Scene 3e

She thumbs her chin, pondering his reluctance to play along, before nodding and sitting in an empty swivel chair next to him.  Folding her elbows on the table, she stares at the little gears and axles and says, “You’re a pretty cool guy.  So, tell me about soft air.”

He squints are her skeptically over her head before deciding not to question whatever it was he was going to question about her, and puts his tweezers down.  “Well, for starters, ‘soft air’ tends to be a badly-translated term you see all the time on these knock-off Chinese guns.  Most of them suck, and some of them don’t.  But the average idiot parent doesn’t know the difference and buys them for their kids anyways.”

“You’re a very serious man, aren’t you?” she asks bluntly.

“And you’re not a very serious woman,” he responds.


{More Scene 3; 100 words is not very much}


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