Believer – Scene 3d

Cecile leaves the projector to the two gamers, reassuring them that she doesn’t mind and she’s really just here to get out of the house.  They take this fairly well, as well as the information that she’s only in this particular classroom because it was the only club she could find on the college website that met on Saturday nights.  Apparently they are used to girls not immediately being interested in their activities, which makes Cecile wonder what it means that she is here, in this room at this moment, being interested in their activity.  She wanders over to the back of the room in an attempt to be interested in another male activity.

“Hi,” she says to Jones, who continues to fiddle around with a pile of gears utterly indecipherable to Cecile’s pedestrian mind.

“Ahoy ahoy,” he answers, giving her a token glance but for the most part focusing on his work.

“Do you want me to be your girlfriend?”

It is undoubtable that, had either of the other men heard this statement, words would have certain been said by them.  As it stands, Jones merely looks up at his work and stares blankly at her, his dark brown eyes so devoid of emotion that they flip back around and speak volumes about him.  A man who is perhaps too serious about not being serious; this is the sort of man that “Jones” seems to Cecile.

“Who’s asking?” he asks her.

She thumbs behind her back.  “Them.”

“Well I don’t want them to be my girlfriend.”

“What if I was saying it?”

“But you’re not saying it.”

Cecile wobbles her head from side to side in an effort to appear indecisive and coy.  “I might be.  Maybe I’m just really bad at it.”

“You are really bad at it, and you’re still not saying it.”

{More short progress.  I will likely flesh out more visualization later as I get the inspiration to do so.}


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