Believer – Scene 3b

The campus grounds are quiet and barren, as most are on a Saturday evening, and Cecile wonders for a moment how much she could get away with before security would show up.  A passing fancy only, however; she’s already late, if the time on the website was to be believed, so once again she buries her urge to climb on top of that idiotic sculpture in front of the performing arts center and heads for the math department building.  That serpentine piece of brass could not look less like “Force of Nature #3” in more than just her opinion, but she’s always enjoyed wondering why the sculptor thought it did.

She saunters up to the glass double doors like she’s still actually a student and pulls the handle before realizing that lecture halls are locked on weekends to people who are not actually students.  Time spent waiting before someone else comes by and lets her in because she “forgot her I.D. card”:  sixteen minutes.  A fairly good turnaround by her reckoning.  She walks around the empty halls and breathes it all in again: the overstapled Greek bulletin boards, the old research projects in glass cases, and the rough brick walls thrice painted in a never-ending war to make them less rough.  Home…  It was the place she had called home.  The place she’d grown from a girl to a woman in, the place she’d made friends and made a fool out of herself in.  To be back in this place that she could no longer call home nearly brings a tear to her eye, before she sighs it away and moves on, locating the inauspicious classroom on the second floor which is to be her new “home” for, hopefully, at least the next hour, if not two.  Exhaling the breath she’s been holding in for far too long, she quietly pushes open the heavy room door and peaks inside.

{This is the portion of Scene 3 between the intro and opening the door I left out yesterday.  When the scene is complete I’ll sew it all together.}


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